Vishala Kosaraju
Self-motivated, passionate and hard-working are adjectives that Vishala like to attach to herself. There is always a commitment to get any work to the finish line. With international exposure (US, Europe, Australia) during Masters Education and work, Vishala, picked several processes that would help to finish any given project with optimum results. Her family has been the backbone to inculcate openness and a sophisticated personality

With diverse practical knowledge of work cultures nationally, and internationally and PMP (PMI) certification. Learnt the importance/processes of College administration, Student Culture, Management, Planning, Team Dynamics and Executive Approach.

With the knowledge, exposure through education/work and training in Master Koach, that’s been picked over time. Vishala is actively involved in training content development and lectures, which will have a practical approach connecting to real-time scenarios.

As a head of Marketing, Vishala has been connected to clients, to understand the objectives, culture and language of client organizations. These learnings are in turn reflected in every step of the training cycle. Vishala also ensures that every resource of Master Koach involved during training follows the project management processes with complete commitment.

Apart from her professional life, Vishala enjoys spending quality time with her two kids, active in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, swimming and learning music. Always loves to socialize and understand the different perspectives of people towards life and their profession.

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